December 7, 2022

VMC on AWS Regions

VMC on AWS Regions

I created the spreadsheet with all the available regions for VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC-A), including the services available there (like VSR, VCDR, etc), node types (i3, i3en, i4i), and other characteristics (like stretched cluster support and compliance). Also add plans from public roadmaps for both AWS and VMC-A.

All this information is publicly available, but unfortunately sometimes described in various places, which requires time to search and check.

I am planning to keep this table up to date (I have already added the newest VMC region, Cape Town) and having a single pane of glass. Also, as new services come out, I will add them to this table.

If you notice any inaccuracies, missed updates, or would like to see any additional information (for example VMware Cloud on other Hyperscalers) - let me know in the comments to this post, in the comments in the table itself or in the unofficial VMC Telegram channel.

The link to Google Spreadsheet.